Rapidcatch eBay auction sniper
用户数 : 7,000,  分类 : 购物 ,  扩展大小 : 64.14KiB,  最后更新时间 : 2021-09-30,  版本 : 3.13
下载 Rapidcatch eBay auction sniper 3.13 的 crx 文件后,
打开 Chrome 的扩展程序页面(chrome:extensions 或通过 Chrome 菜单图标 > 更多工具 > 扩展程序找到),然后将 .crx 文件拖放到扩展程序页面进行安装它。
                            This extension allows to place bids via Rapidcatch.com auction sniper (https://rapidcatch.com) right at eBay, Delcampe, Allegro pages from your browser while shopping.

The extension adds an icon to the browser panel. When you visit an item page of supported auction platform, this icon gets activated and when you click on it you will see a form to enter a bid, and a button to place it into Rapidcatch sniper.

Detailed usage instructions:
1. Install extension. An icon will appear at browser panel.
2. Go to auction item page. Extension icon will turn from gray to colorful.
3. Click extension icon, fill bid amount field, and click the placing bid button.
4. Your bid went to Rapidcatch sniper, and you can manage it there at https://rapidcatch.com once you need that.

All transferred data is protected with secured protocols.
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