Folo Bar
用户数 : 406,  分类 : 购物 ,  扩展大小 : 856KiB,  最后更新时间 : 2019-03-08,  版本 : 2.0.5
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打开 Chrome 的扩展程序页面(chrome:extensions 或通过 Chrome 菜单图标 > 更多工具 > 扩展程序找到),然后将 .crx 文件拖放到扩展程序页面进行安装它。
                            Same stores. Same prices. Free donations, for causes you care about, when you shop online.

When browsing Google, Bing, Yahoo or visiting a store online, Folo will highlight the retailers who will donate to causes on your behalf.  Every time you make a purchase, the retailer pays a percentage of the sale to your Folo account. This gives you the power to use your Folo balance to support non-profits you care about - at no extra cost to you.

Experience the future of fundraising. Add Folo, and turn the simple act of every day shopping into a world of compassion.

Only Australian & NZ merchants for now, Rest of the world coming soon!