Redirect mouse
用户数 : 43,  分类 : 开发人员工具 ,  扩展大小 : 40.38KiB,  最后更新时间 : 2020-11-08,  版本 : 1.0
下载 Redirect mouse 1.0 的 crx 文件后,
打开 Chrome 的扩展程序页面(chrome:extensions 或通过 Chrome 菜单图标 > 更多工具 > 扩展程序找到),然后将 .crx 文件拖放到扩展程序页面进行安装它。
                            An extension suitable for a narrow circle of specialists. If in your professional activity there is a need to count redirects for some time, then this extension is ideal for you.

By installing this Redirect Mouse extension, you will get a dark cursor instead of the usual white one inside your browser. A neat number will appear next to the cursor showing how many times you have accessed the page.
This function can be useful in work:
1. Analytics.
2. Marketer.
3. Programmer.
Additionally, you can track the timings, how many times you have visited, for example, some entertainment portal. Thus, you can think about how much of your working time you are wasting.
Enjoy your use!